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Troufa Cafe, Bakery & Chocolatier

Hello Everyone,

 my third visit to this cafe and I’m starting to love it, so why not tell you guys about it. I discovered it by accident a couple of months back and decided to try their chocolate truffles.


I took the box with 10 pieces and mixed 5 different flavors, the box is very posh designed and is tied with a simple ribbon, I was pleasantly surprised when I took the first bite of the peanut butter truffle, it had a nice balance of chocolate, peanut butter and a hint of bitterness. If you love gourmet chocolate go for Troufa’s truffles. It’s worth the extra spend.

Anyway, so I was driving in Juffair and had a couple of hours until my next meeting so I decided to stop at Troufa for coffee and to send a couple of emails.

Espresso Macchiato

Troufa cafe is located on the second floor of Al Raya Mall in Juffair,  just a minute drive outside the Fateh Grand Mousque. They offer a wide selection of coffee roasted on site. I ordered a double shot of Esspresso Macchiato, rose and vanilla macaroons and a bottle still water.

The staff are so friendly, the space is beautifully designed (I took the corner table – my favorite spot anywhere) and the coffee was excellent and not too bitter, the macaroons were okay.

I think I’ll come here to have a good coffee as often as I can, plus I want to try all their baked goodies. All in all I think this place could be a little more known if they advertised for it.

Some of the flavors


They also sell chocolate bars (ahh they look so delicious)

Check out their instagram account for more mouthwatering choices here

Thank you for reading, please let me know if there are any cafes worth visiting in Bahrain I’d love to try new places.

Much Love,


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