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Thank You for Inspiring me!

Like so many people, I go through Pinterest every morning for my daily dose of inspiration, I found this quote today and decided to share it with my Instagram family. So when I started writing a cool caption to go with the quote I decided to make this a thank you post to those who inspire me in return. All the comments and positive feedback, the private messages over here and on snapchat; it fires me up and keeps me going. Someone asked me not long ago, if I’m an attention seeker. To an extent I am, without attention and recognition I wouldn’t have been a part of the artist community, I wouldn’t have learned to design, I wouldn’t have become a blogger, I wouldn’t have pushed harder without the people who inspired me with their simple words to go out and learn something new, build something, sell something, meet new people, to stand proud of my goals, share with others, help them, be kind and inspire.

Thank you again.

I will take it upon myself let people know the next time I feel touched by anyone’s story, comment, blog post, photo or tweet, I will let them know how it made me feel, how it re-shaped my line of thoughts, what memories it provoked, what it allowed me to discover and experience. I know that commenting takes time to formulate, putting together the right words into a genuine response, I also know how much a comment from the heart touches a person, it fires them up to further creations and better contributions to our community. Next time I will let them know. I will push them further.

What to say.

We tend to take everything for granted, truth is people who share invest a lot of their time creating worthy and beneficial content for their followers, people who write, people who make art, people who photograph, people who share their findings, people who compose, people who stand up for themselves and their opinions. A simple thank you email or comment for the work they do helps them see how much you appreciate their efforts.

Share and give credit.

The next time someone inspires you share and credit them, the internet has a lot to offer, if you feel touched by a piece of art, give credit to the people who spent hours producing it, if you resonate with a book let everyone learn about it, once you share your experience it becomes more authentic and touches people on a personal level, it becomes more appealing to people and easily relatable.

Gandhi Said “Be the change you wish to see in people”

I used to rarely get comments, but that never stopped me from appreciating other people, initiate kindness, give without expecting in return. Once I started giving, it came back multiplied.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you liked this post

Much love,


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    July 16, 2017