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RIVA Opening at The Avenues Bahrain!

Hey Everyone,

Last Thursday I attended the store opening of RIVA one of the Arabian Gulf’s most known clothing retailer stores, at The Avenues mall – Bahrain. A couple of weeks leading up to the store opening I received my invitation from the organizing company Tarteeb, knowing that Tarteeb are behind this event then I was sure to experience a red carpet welcome!

I got to pick my outfit for the opening from RIVA’s store branch at City Centre Bahrain a couple of days before the event. And with the help of their stylist I chose to wear this two piece outfit.

red carpet opening

RIVA is a Kuwaiti brand known for its modest and fashion forward styles for Women and children, they have 41 stores spanning across the GCC. With the aim of providing attractive modest styles for women they have chosen the ever so elegant Ascia as the face of their brand. This brand ships internationally and strongly competes with other international brands such as Mango, Zara, River Island and Top Shop.


Eager to also visit The Avenues mall for the first time, I went to the event dressed in my RIVA outfit. The ribbon cutting was supposed to happen at 12:00pm, I reached at 12:15 thinking I was late but there was a show being performed before the ribbon cutting so phew, I was on time, considerably.

full outfit

So fast-forward to an hour later (after some waiting, awkwardly standing, taking selfies, watching the dance show, watching the mini runway show), I was finally inside! The store is the biggest Riva branch in Bahrain (the only other branch is the one at City Centre, but you get what I mean) the new collection was huge with a lot more options for children (boys and girls).

I couldn’t take much pictures of the inside of the store as there were scores of people looking at the collection and going through the rails. The staff were friendly and helpful, I didn’t buy anything though, I decided to save my money and splurge at year-end sales!!

At the end, I was very happy with the style varieties and felt that for once Bahrain wasn’t left behind in terms of having more options, the store is definitely worth the visit, budget friendly and their designs work well for hijabi and non-hijabi girls alike.

Riva Fashion

Riva Fashion


RIVA outfit

I hope you guys liked the review and pictures, the shirt beneath is from H&M and the cross-body bag is from REVE.

It was a fun day all together I spent the remaining of it at The Nest market in Adliya promoting our Aline 2018 Life Planners.

I love reading your comments, if you have any please drop one below.

Much love,

Xx Zahra


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  • Hawra

    Stunning ✨✨
    Must see the shop 👌🏻❤️

    December 4, 2017
  • Hawra

    Stunning mashallah 🙏🏻✨ Must visit 😍🙌🏻

    December 4, 2017