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Dinner Date ! Quizzy’s Soft Opening

Hello Everyone,
I hope you’re doing great, I’ve been sharing a lot of food experience on my Snapchat and Instagram as of lately, So I thought I’d share my latest restaurant review here for those who don’t have me on social media.
Last Friday I was invited for the soft opening of a cozy restaurant in Mercado -Saar called Quizzy’s, I went in the evening with my bestie and we had an amazing time.
We were welcomed by the owner Ahmed Al Zubail and had lovely chats about the place and got to know the restaurant story and how it all started. I just love it when a chef is a hands on owner, and a young one too.

Quizzy’s interior

Soft opening menu

Ahmed asked us what we’d like to have and we decided to let him choose, as we sat down we couldn’t have been more excited.
The decor had that rustic, cool unfinished feel. I love minimal urban decor.

Coffe Lab


The coffee station is set right down the entrance of the restaurant which creates a very charismatic atmosphere. They call it the coffee lab, inspired by famous series Breaking Bad. Unfortunately they weren’t serving coffee yet but I will definitely return to try some.
We started with an appetizer dish called Classic Italian Arancini, it’s a rice ball  stuffed with cheese served on a bed of their special homemade tomato sauce, it was served hot and the cheese oozes out, so be careful with that first bite.
We then had the Fries mug which is basically messy cheese fries with onion rings, as the picture shows, a very good amount of cheese and sauce were added and the jalapeños gave the dish a perfect spicy kick.
Then, we tried the french-fries-burger (yes this is what it’s called) the patty was well done and perfectly spiced, no meaty smell and the meat to cheese to dressing ratio was on point, my only complaint would be the shredded lettuce, I’m not a fan of shredded lettuce but that’s a personal preference.
The buffalo chicken sandwich is the slightly healthier version of buffalo wings, made with chicken breast, three kinds of cheese and brown bread with their special sauce, ok maybe it’s not that healthy, but comfort food isn’t supposed to be lol. I liked it, I think it could have used more chili, but again, personal preference.
By the time the lamb chops safely reached our table, we were pretty much full, but look at that meat resting atop a bed of mashed potatoes, I couldn’t help but ripping a huge lioness bite. YES, with bare hands and my Snapchat family saw the live action. It was good, the meat was soft and it came with a special green apple thick sauce, which added an interesting flavor to the meat and potatoes, my only observation was that the meat was a bit too garlicky for my taste but I liked the overall dish.
The real entertainment was pouring the Laban sauce on the mansaf dish. The meat was tender and the rice oh so tasty. HEHE you’d think I had enough, but the Chef disagreed.
For those who don’t know what Mansaf is, it’s a Jordanian dish similar to our ghouzi. I’m no mansaf expert so I’ll tell you what was served to us.
A plate of fragrant yellow rice, topped with tender lamb pieces, with a special yogurt sauce poured on top and garnished with a handful of toasted almond flakes and fresh parsley. The mansaf was served with a bowl of Laban sauce on the side.
Taste: the rice had a rich aroma, because of the cardamom and herbs, the lamb had a slightly sour taste because of the sauce and was extremely tender, the cut that was served to us was a boneless one. Each bite was sensational. That’s all I need to say. I guess you know which dish was my favorite. I definitely recommend the MANSAF. with a side of fresh green chilis.
As for what I wore for the Evening, please see the outfit pictures below, I had to used my iphone camera since my actual camera died right after dinner.
If you’re visiting Bahrain or happen to pass by Saar area, I couldn’t recommend this place more.
Follow Quizzy’s on Instagram here to keep up to date with what’s cooking in their kitchen.
I will definitely be back as soon as they serve breakfast.
Until then, Have a lovely week.
Much love,
September 10, 2017
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  • Mariam

    المكان روعه و الاكل يجنن .. كلشي لذيذ صراحه .. الله يوفقهم

    September 17, 2017
  • Dana

    Love this place

    September 17, 2017