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My Color Analysis Experience!

Hey Everyone,

It’s been quite some time since I last posted on the blog. I’ve been quite busy with work and other activities, but I’m back and blogging again. I would like to thank all the visitors who’re still coming in from social media even though I have not updated for a long time.

So recently I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful Bahraini life coach @coach_abeer from abeeralmatooq.com and we had a color analysis session where she showed me my true colors, no pun intended! 🙂

As a lifestyle blogger, great fashion is an important part of my life and work, I own a lot of clothes but I noticed that I only go for a handful of outfits that really strike a chord with me. For the rest of my clothes, I only wear them once or twice before I notice something is regularly off about how they make me look.

Coach Abeer and I had a small talk about the importance of colors in our lives and how it drastically affects our mood and choices, I was fairly convinced on the importance of colors when it comes to getting your outfits right since I follow the dress to impress rule.

So I’ll be sharing what I had learned and my results with you here and  I’m hoping you guys can benefit if  you’re starting out with this.

We began with a simple pick a color test to determine my seasonal color, I got an equal score of autumn and winter. The idea of this is that people’s personalities are divided into the four seasonal groups (winter, spring, summer, autumn) based on the characteristics that a person might have in each season.

So back to our test, the first result had put me in the Autumn/Winter category, and then we moved to the next test which was to find out if I had cool or warm undertone, I removed my makeup and sat in front of a mirror and wore a large white bib (white so we can properly judge the effect of each color) I had cut out textile of different colors taken out of each seasonal group placed below my neck and on my chest and I was asked about how each tone of the same color made me feel,  my god!! I looked terrible in pale, cool, pastel colors.. I looked better in orange, brown and red particularly medium warm ones. I am definitely a gold and not a silver kind of girl, now I know for sure and that made me a SPRING girl!!!

 Looking at the swatches against my face my WAW colors as coach Abeer called them were:

o Light Coral

o Salmon

o Clear Bright Red

Other good colors were:

o Emerald

o Turquoise

Here’s a picture of the colors I can wear being in the Spring seasonal group

Some of the colors I should avoid are:

o Lavender

o Grey

o Light blue

o BLACK (the only season that can get away with wearing black is winter)

So, using the color wheel, I now know better what colors complement each other. I feel good knowing I am a spring girl simply because I liked the colors of my seasonal group. I like brights; I hate pale dusty grey colors.

Doing this color analysis session doesn’t mean you have to stick to exactly what your result tells you, I love wearing black, but black is a dark color, it is heavy against my skin tone and overpowers my look, so what I should do is that I have to create a contrast with the colors that complement me best like a red lipstick to finish my look.

After my session was done, the coach gave me a list of color character traits, here’s what I got:


– Positive Traits:

o   Cheerful

o   Hopeful

o   Upbeat & positive

o   Eager to learn & discover new things

o   Smiley & warm

o   Affectionate & amicable

o   Humorous & witty

o   Chatty

o   Has a positive outlook

o   Compassionate

o   Kind-hearted & caring

o   Lively & bubbly

o   Sociable

– Negative traits:

o   Indecisive

o   Doesn’t always plan the future

o   Has trouble turning down opportunities

o   Can talk too much

o   Impulsive speaker

So knowing this my current challenge is to piece together outfits that work with my new spring palette. I must say I’m pretty excited about the changes this could bring to my wardrobe.

If you guys have any questions or comments I’d love to hear them! Or you can directly contact the coach at coach@abeeralmatooq.com or call +973 32221133

Until the next post,

Much love xx


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