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Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting festival city in Bahrain Bay near the Four Seasons Hotel and I had such a great time. Festival City is the main highlight event of Bahrain Shopping Festival, it is said to be one of the main social events in Bahrain and it certainly lives up to its reputation.. It Started on the 11th of January and goes on until the 27th everyday from 4 to 11 pm. So what was so great about our visit to the Festival?

Hello Everyone & Hello 2018! Happy new year and new month! I hope everyone had a great weekend and an amazing start on the first day of the year. I started the day at Quizzys for brunch with my friend, had a quick business meeting after that, an aloe vera hair treatment after that, then I went home and prepared for an event I was MCing that night (by the way I had MC’d for the first time that night) It was a productive day just as

Hey Everyone, Last Thursday I attended the store opening of RIVA one of the Arabian Gulf’s most known clothing retailer stores, at The Avenues mall - Bahrain. A couple of weeks leading up to the store opening I received my invitation from the organizing company Tarteeb, knowing that Tarteeb are behind this event then I was sure to experience a red carpet welcome! I got to pick my outfit for the opening from RIVA’s store branch at City Centre Bahrain a couple of days before the

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all preparing yourselves for the new year.. I am very excited for 2018 and judging rom where I stood last year I feel freakin amaaaazing. so up until May or June life was bad for me, coming out of a long tiring battle, I was forced to look at my reality and accept that my life will never be the same, nor will it run the course I’d expected it to. Let me share the story from the beginning.. The Life Planner

Who is it to blame? that a lot of us feel insecure? When it comes to insecurities and standards I have often wondered if we should blame ourselves or the media, or ourselves for allowing media to impose such unrealistic beauty and social standards that the majority of people can’t compete with. At some point of my life, I have managed to rise above most of my insecurities, one of which was language, English isn’t my first language so I doubted myself a lot before starting

Like so many people, I go through Pinterest every morning for my daily dose of inspiration, I found this quote today and decided to share it with my Instagram family. So when I started writing a cool caption to go with the quote I decided to make this a thank you post to those who inspire me in return. All the comments and positive feedback, the private messages over here and on snapchat; it fires me up and keeps me going. Someone asked me

How many women do you know in 2017 who are just one thing? not many I would say since most of the women I know are students, mothers, business owners, workers, chefs, community supporters, influencers, Reiki masters, travelers, artists, strong women who work abroad. Intellectual Arab women who have more opportunities than ever available to them and are not afraid of the challenge. These are some of the women I know, how many do you know who are working hard and doing something good in

Hello everyone, It sure has been long since I blogged about anything, my apologies for that busy busy life. Today I would like to share my Ramadan diet with you, I know two-thirds of the month has already passed but when I changed my eating routine to a healthy one when Ramadan started I wasn’t sure I was going to keep up with it. Now that I have let me show you what’s been going on in my kitchen. If you’re living in the GCC you probably

Hello there!! 2017 is just around the corner, it’s time to get our new calendars, planners and list our new year resolutions. I for one am putting 2016 and its practices behind me, so who’s joining?! Before writing down my resolutions, I thought of sharing with you what I’m leaving behind in 2016 to have a better new year, so here’s a list of 10 practices/things: 1. Fad diets No more easy fixes, I am leaving the fad diet life and will focus on having a healthy body