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7 steps to get over a creative block

Hey Everyone,

I noticed that I have been posting less and less here and that’s due to work and all the exciting projects I’m currently working on, so, how’s everyone doing? how’s 2017 treating you so far?.


I visited The Nest market at Adliya block 338 yesterday and was blown away by all the beautiful art pieces and installations in the street.. Amazing amazing work by some of Bahrain’s finest talents. This post is somewhat related to art too..

I want to talk about creative blocks, those who know me as an artist know that I’m not always sketching and I do struggle a lot actually to come up with new content and art concepts.

For a content creator there’s nothing worse to battle than a creative block.. the reason I said content creator and not an artist is because I also struggle with coming up with posts for the blog, my instagram, and my job in retail also requires a lot of new ideas that kick off sales. So I decided to share what I found useful to get over a creative block, whether it’s an art block, blogger’s block, writer’s block, etc..

1. What’s the issue?

The worst case of art block I’ve ever experienced happened after I decided to take a break from work and designing, it happened while I was going through some rough time with a few toxic relationships in my life, art and creativity is very psychological and though it is true that some of the best pieces of art were made by depressed artists, not being able to focus also contributes to an art/writers block.

I did sit down with myself and figured out exactly what was occupying my mind and did a few exercises to clear my head and stop thinking about what I was thinking about, once you understand the problem, you realize what needs to be changed/stopped and you start looking for…


2. Music or a Muse?

For an artist to find a muse or a beautiful reference it is very easy, it’s simple and accessible, all you need is to keep an eye for all the beautiful things around you.. But what if you’re writing something? A story, a caption or perhaps a blog post? The situation is different. If you’re experiencing a creative block of such, try to sit down, read a book, talk to some friends, watch a movie, listen to some music to se the mood and look around for the story or topic that interests you, listen to your friends complain, analyze people’s attitude in long queues, talk to a stranger at a café, read success stories, and keep looking around for the story that ministers to you different ball game entirely, it’s really about that situation or person whose story or character speaks to you. If you are experiencing any form of creative block, be open and find beauty and inspiration in every situation, look around for that person whose story, attitude, carriage, battles and even hopes and inspirations matter and minister to you.


3. Get your ducks in a row

Now you know what the problem is and you have a good story, face or attitude to muse you. Make sure that your life is sorted out, don’t work in a messy bedroom or office, I, sometimes prefer having a messy desk, makes me feel like I actually have a lot to do, but if your surrounding is messy, creativity will not thrive.

Have a plan, write down the things you want to work on, write down the things that are standing in your way, you may have to leave certain habits or certain people behind. So clean your room, clean your house, tidy your desk and have a plan.

4. iphone or Android user, or just a user?

Whatever electronic gadgets or tools you use for inspiration put it on the side and go out for a walk, look out the window, look at life and nature away from your phone, laptop or tv screen.. look at how beautiful gods creations are and absorb that beauty, inspiration also lies around you.


5. Try something new

Stop thinking about your creative block for a while and try out some new things. Just because you are trying to create doesn’t mean anything else you do isn’t just as creative. For example, if you are an artist try something other than drawing or painting, perhaps explore cooking or photography or sculpting and if you are a writer try talking to some friends and listening to their stories. Believe me, you will look at things with a renewed and refreshed perspective. I know it can get difficult especially if you have to consistently create content, for example with blogging, i took a much needed break December last year and got back to it July this year.. The most important part of getting your creativity back is to stop. relax, take a deep breath.. and start fresh without thinking of what the outcome might be.. you’d be shocked where you would find inspiration.. so try something new.


6. Rest

 Simple things such as lack of sleep, hunger, stress or even sadness can cause a creative block,,  So sometimes all you need is a simple, peaceful uninterrupted 6 or more hours of comfortable sleep, a nice homemade meal, a cold shower or an aromatic bath and maybe a long phone conversation to your bestie while in your PJs.. I sometimes feel heavy hearted without being able to pin point what’s caused it but i knew all i needed was someone to talk to and let it all out or just write it down in my journal, this makes me feel so much better.

  7. Have a positive outlook

This is the most important step for overcoming your block, and the first you need to do is to surround yourself with positive people, read positive books or quotes if you’re not much of a reader, relax and meditate. Believe that change is necessary and that this is only temporary and you should give it its time and just try to see the positive side in everything.


Thank you so much for reading this far.. I hope you found this useful, if so, please leave a comment.

Much love xx,


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  • Faiza

    Good subject however I will appreciate if you mentioned the reference you used in this blog and the name of the book and the aurthure…
    Have a great day

    November 25, 2017
  • Ghadeer

    These are actually really good tips! I’ve been struggling with writer’s block myself, and I definitely think trying something new just for a change makes a big difference! Thanks for the post! Looking forward to reading more 🙂

    November 26, 2017