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5 Reasons you must visit Festival City in Bahrain Bay

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting festival city in Bahrain Bay near the Four Seasons Hotel and I had such a great time.

Festival City is the main highlight event of Bahrain Shopping Festival, it is said to be one of the main social events in Bahrain and it certainly lives up to its reputation.. It Started on the 11th of January and goes on until the 27th everyday from 4 to 11 pm.

So what was so great about our visit to the Festival? And why you should check it out yourself?

1. Weekend beats!! 

Those who know me and follow me on Snapchat know how much I love music!! I listen to literally everything. At Festival City you will experience a variety of musical performances in a stage act setting from jazz to traditional beats there’s something for everyone, we had the pleasure of listening to talented professional musicians play their instruments and it was purely magical!

2. Foood!!

Grills, street food, churros, pancakes, vegan, vegetarian, and a lot more!! Festival city is definitely a place where your food preferences are met without judgement! Local vendors provide delicious food options that will satisfy your every craving.. if you visit make sure to stop by flaming salmon and try the churros at Mibarrio.

3. Market

A quite interesting shopping experience for the ladies!!You can browse a selection of locally designed outfits, makeup, homemade spice blends and a lot more. I took some cute balloons home with me.

4. An Exciting Experience

Forget routine weekend plans and  immerse yourself in the adventurous games and activities of the festival, watch an outdoor movie or catch the magic trick show and see how 1 BD bill gets turned into 20 BD before you can blink!! You can even play up to four games and get a chance to win a stuffed toy! haha,, fun!

5. People and community

I love how Shop Bahrain spread the word about this festival.. Literally everyone is there.. it is such a fun event and there’s no way you’d leave the festival without bumping into someone you know.


Also, if you shop in any of the participating malls you can accumulate points and get a chance to win one of 20 cars from Almoyyed group, 6,000 gifts from Gulf air and 20,000 gift from Viva Bahrain!! So shop away.


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January 3, 2018
2018 – Reflections

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