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2018 – Reflections

Hello Everyone & Hello 2018!

Happy new year and new month!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and an amazing start on the first day of the year.

I started the day at Quizzys for brunch with my friend, had a quick business meeting after that, an aloe vera hair treatment after that, then I went home and prepared for an event I was MCing that night (by the way I had MC’d for the first time that night) It was a productive day just as I had planned. Alhamdullelah for that.

Reflecting on my life journey so far as we enter 2018, I have been having mixed feelings about last year and how fast it went by.. probably also because of my age (because I still have many unchecked boxes and I’m not getting any youger) and when it comes to my career I’m still unsure what vocation to choose, which means more boxes to add.

Starting with things that I’m grateful for today (in no particular order):

  • Health: I was able to manage my stress levels quite well the past year, I wasn’t yoyo dieting, however I did balance between  healthy meals and comfort food and kept my weight and waist line in check so no regrets there.
  • Family: My eldest aunt passed away this year and it was really hard on all of us since her passing was so sudden, and it happened on my birthday but Alhamdullelah having my family around to lean on, share good times with and just being blessed by their presence is what I’m always thankful for.
  • Faith: God has been there for me whenever I needed him, I have been more disciplined with prayer timings, I used to not pray at work and come home and do all five prayers at once which I stopped doing.
  • My blog and social media: grateful to all my friends, followers & readers, to all the amazing people I’ve met this year, the progress, the collaborations, the growth and recognition I got.. All the comments, feedback and support although it might not seem massive but it’s far beyond me. Thank you so much..
  • Friends: the undeniably best friends who are so precious to me (the old and the new), I kind of lost touch with my best friend this year for reasons unknown to me, I hope she’s busy with good things though. and I rekindled with my other bestie who also became my business partner this year so everything fell into place nicely.
  • Goals: I was able to check off a lot of goals that were in my 2016/2017 list on top of which was getting rid of toxic relationships and people.

Things that are work in progress

  • Money: I need to learn how to control my spending, save more and looking for stability in my earnings since I’m not an employee anymore.
  • FUN: To have lots and lots of fun this year and make the most of my moments with my family, I also want to travel to new places and explore new cities.
  • Relationships: This year I will be even more selective with who I let in my circle.

It is important to reflect on our past year to see how close we’ve come to achieving our goals and how far from where we want to be.. This isn’t everything I wanted to work on but taking a walk down memory lane  this is what I could put down in words.

Getting ready for my first organized event on 30th of December 2017


The pictures were taken while I was getting ready, hence no nail polish on my left hand


Photo credits to my exclusive photographer Mohammed Alsaleh


Full outfit from ZARA

What are the things you’re thankful for and what would you like to achieve this year? Hold on to your dreams and  God will you’ll have the best of 2018

Thank you for reading, I hope you guys like the post and pictures, I would love to read your comments/thoughts on this.

Much love,



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  • Hawra

    Thank you Zahra for sharing with us last yeat’s experiences I’m sure it refleced to the others the real concept of planning and why is it important to set goals every year and subhan allah some evnts happen suddenly and turns out not as we planned but like you said it’s important that we don’t give up on our dreams and try to make them cometrue. To push ourselves beyond our limits. Again thank you for sharing!

    January 3, 2018
  • Munira Alzayani

    You’re my idol I always wanted to be a person like you ! Keep going

    January 15, 2018