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2018 Life Planner by Aline Papeterie !

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re all preparing yourselves for the new year.. I am very excited for 2018 and judging rom where I stood last year I feel freakin amaaaazing.

so up until May or June life was bad for me, coming out of a long tiring battle, I was forced to look at my reality and accept that my life will never be the same, nor will it run the course I’d expected it to.

Let me share the story from the beginning.. The Life Planner story that is..

A couple of years back, my high school bestie and I met over coffee to discuss a new product she wanted to make, knowing I designed she wanted to render my services.. I would have loved to design such planner for her but at the time I had taken a lot of project and wasn’t going to be able to deliver on time,,

Fast forward two years later, Wasan my friend came again with the same idea and asked me to suggest some graphic designers who could bring this planner to life.. so I did, however, Was and I share quite a similar taste, I collect notebooks and she loves planners.. and Voila.. not only did I design this for her but we partnered up to start our own paper stationery business and there became our first product ALINE LIFE PLANNER 2018.

What is the planner? Let us unwrap and see..

Aline Life Planner will be your PA and partner for the year, it helps you align your goals and values together, stay motivated and keep all your career, life, financial, spiritual and all your little goals in check.

Like I mentioned, two stationery enthusiasts created this to give you the right tools to measure your progress, because like they say: you can’t manage what you can’t measure..

The planner is designed in a simple way, it’s very easy to use and quite functional.

Because you can write everything down, the way you change and improve changes how the planner works for you too,, think of it as a reflection to your efforts.

Every time you check off a goal you’re a step closer to achieving and you can visualize it in your hands.


How to use the planner?

a couple of prompts to answer

what do you want this planner to help you with?

  • Create and be inspired to create
  • Simplify my tasks
  • Organize my days
  • etc

The most important thing is to set the right goals.. A planner helps you simplify your goal setting process.


  • Size: A5
  • Covers: 2 different covers
  • Papers: 100gsm woodfree conquerer paper with colorful minimal layouts
  • 200gsm month dividers with colorful quotes and laminated index
  • spiral bound hard cover
  • three pokes for all your, cards, receipts, free notes
  • Extra pages for notes at the back
  • Three sheets of stickers with twelve different colors for your visual reminders + All Bahrain’s national holidays
  • Four complimentary greeting cards
  • Elastic band to hold everything together



  • Month quote
  • Month overview with a section for top goals and priorities
  • Weekly Planner
  • Goals for the week
  • Notes and sketches page
  • Thankful thought box


Write down your resolutions and what you want to become or achieve  in the form of goals.

have a clear vision and list down the overall goals that you know, leave some space you might want to add some more goals during the year.

Sort your goals in different categories for every area of your life, e.g. career, health & lifestyle, financial, relationships, self-love, leisure & adventure, religion & spirituality and new things to learn.


Before you start writing down your appointments and tasks, set your goals for the month. write down your top priorities and values in the small box next to it.

in the notes section you can write down any notes you have or if we may suggest you can use this to record your projects and ideas and plans in more detail before you transfer anything in the monthly overview page.



The best way to start every month would be to pick a few of your year goals and break it down into month goals.

  • write down your month goals, you can reward yourself for achieving them too
  • write out what you need to do in short points in the small notes section on the side
  • insert the dates and appointments you don’t want to forget in the boxes, the stickers at the back serve as good visual aid.


“short list is a summary of what’s right. The long list”  – Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness.

If you can master the habit of keeping your goals in check, you can master your life.

setting your goals and reviewing your progress on a weekly basis is proven to help improve performance and momentum, I’ve been doing it and it works amazingly well.

So, how does the weekly planner work?

  •  On Sunday, at the beginning of the week, list down your top goals for the whole week (this goes in the bottom section “GOALS THIS WEEK”.. Make sure that your goals are not too big to stretch until the next week nor small enough to actually get done within a day.
  • Write in your daily tasks in the boxes designated for each day, you get three boxes, use them wisely.
  • At the end of the week take our your pen and review your progress, check what was accomplished and move what wasn’t done forward to the next week.
  • It makes it easier to record all your to-do’s first thing in the morning each day.


More space to keep your notes.


The planner comes with three pockets in different sizes for all the notes and receipts and business cards you want to keep in handy.


  • We’re including four complimentary greeting cards for your emergency greeting card needs.
  • three sheets of stickers in 12 colors to design your monthly overview with colorful reminders.


If you liked this planner, you can get yourself one from the following places:

To order, simply DM our instagram @aline.papeterie or myself @zahrakaz

The planner is also sold in the following shops:

  1. Be Inspired shop in Seef Mall. They’re on instagram @beinspiredbh
  2. Innovation Cafe in Galleria mall in Zinj. They’re on instagram @innovation_furniture
  3. Words Bookstore Cafe on Budaiya Road. They’re on instagram @wordsbookstorecafe

And don’t forget to keep us involved, tag us on instagram or use the hashtag #alinelifeplanner or #alinepapeterie

I hope you find this planner valuable. Let your goal be to keep achieving through planning remember that successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

When I remember where I was last year and how I’m moving forward through planning I know that I can achieve all my goals including bringing this planner to life (which I couldn’t have done without my awesome friend and business partner @wasan.7), hold myself accountable to all what I’m promising and take responsibility of my life and I really hope you can do the same with this planner.

Before I go, I would like to give a shoutout to Talabat App, for those who are unfamiliar with the brand, Talabat is a food delivery app that has been making it super easy for me to plan my lunches at work, I’m usually quite busy and forget to prepare my meals ahead so it’s good to know that Talabat is there for me, keeping it real and healthy. Follow them on Instagram they had quite an interesting draw for iPhone X a couple of days back,, so use the app you never know what you might win!! Talabat instagram is @talabatbh


All the best and much love,

Zahra xx

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