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September 2017

Who is it to blame? that a lot of us feel insecure? When it comes to insecurities and standards I have often wondered if we should blame ourselves or the media, or ourselves for allowing media to impose such unrealistic beauty and social standards that the majority of people can’t compete with. At some point of my life, I have managed to rise above most of my insecurities, one of which was language, English isn’t my first language so I doubted myself a lot before starting

Hello Everyone, I hope you're doing great, I've been sharing a lot of food experience on my Snapchat and Instagram as of lately, So I thought I'd share my latest restaurant review here for those who don't have me on social media. Last Friday I was invited for the soft opening of a cozy restaurant in Mercado -Saar called Quizzy's, I went in the evening with my bestie and we had an amazing time. We were welcomed by the owner Ahmed Al Zubail and had lovely chats

With our busy schedules, breakfast/brunch is becoming a luxury not many can afford and yesterday, a delicious brunch took place. I usually spend my days between the office and client meetings so I’m either eating a cookie at my desk or having a bite in the car so I can’t say I’ve tried every restaurant out there but from what I’ve researched, it is safe to say that Madeleine cafe is one of the best brunch places in B town. How do I know if a