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July 2017

Hello Everyone, Last week a couple of homemade skincare products were sent to me by Soul & Skin. They were skincare remedies made by a sweet girl from Bahrain called Reem. Products are 100% natural. The Scrub: FABULOUS!! Do you like the aroma of Turkish coffee? This is what your shower will smell like after using her Turkish Coffee Scrub. I applied it using a dry exfoliation brush that I got from bath and body works. rubbed it on my skin for about 5 mins then rinsed. It was

Ok you should all know that I have a serious sweet tooth and if I want to keep healthy and my weight in check I must steer clear of the cake. That being said, I can’t believe I’ve been bringing clients to Reef Island this often and not stopping by Retro Mama Bakery!! Well I did today. I was marketing for one of our apartment listings and decided to get in and have some coffee and of course CAKE!! Retro mama is a small bakery known

Like so many people, I go through Pinterest every morning for my daily dose of inspiration, I found this quote today and decided to share it with my Instagram family. So when I started writing a cool caption to go with the quote I decided to make this a thank you post to those who inspire me in return. All the comments and positive feedback, the private messages over here and on snapchat; it fires me up and keeps me going. Someone asked me

Hello Everyone, I hope you’re all having a great summer. I have been purchasing a lot more makeup than I used to since I started blogging, which is great because I got to know all these brands that are so much better than what I was used to. I’ve been searching for the perfect mascara for a while and the pink crazy volume mascara by essence has been all the rage lately and I get it, for it’s price is even better than some of the

Hello Everyone,  my third visit to this cafe and I’m starting to love it, so why not tell you guys about it. I discovered it by accident a couple of months back and decided to try their chocolate truffles.   I took the box with 10 pieces and mixed 5 different flavors, the box is very posh designed and is tied with a simple ribbon, I was pleasantly surprised when I took the first bite of the peanut butter truffle, it had a nice balance of

How many women do you know in 2017 who are just one thing? not many I would say since most of the women I know are students, mothers, business owners, workers, chefs, community supporters, influencers, Reiki masters, travelers, artists, strong women who work abroad. Intellectual Arab women who have more opportunities than ever available to them and are not afraid of the challenge. These are some of the women I know, how many do you know who are working hard and doing something good in