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10 outfit tips for short girls

Being a short woman (5ft) wearing high heels all the time seemed inevitable for me, but knowing how to dress and what to avoid helped me a lot in making me appear tall and slender. If this is your aim, you are reading the right post.



Obviously, heels will give you the extra height you’re after. Go after wedges and platforms if you’ll be walking around, also, hidden wedge sneakers and chunky heel sandals are in trend.


2. High waist

High-waist pants and skirts create the illusion of longer legs, after all it’s all about proportions


3. Short and cropped pants

I recommend wearing long and high-waist pants, you’d want a hem that covers most of the shoe, however if you prefer short pants always wear them with heels.

With jeans, opt for skinny and boot cut jeans and avoid wide legged jeans


4. Monochrome dark colors

Try wearing single colors or combining dark colors together to get an elongated silhouette and look sleeker


5. Go maxi

Maxi dresses that come with belts at the waist work great in making you appear taller and column skirts paired with medium chunky heels also works really well


6. Fitted clothing

Fitted outfits makes you look sleeker, slimmer and definitely taller, avoid looking bulky by adding layers and wearing loose tops and bottoms together


7. Belts

Belts will define your natural waist in a very flattering way, thin belts won’t cut you in half the way a super-thick belt would, which causes you to look shorter


8. Vertical stripes

The oldest trick in the book! Vertical stripes have a lengthening effect and are highly in trend


9. Pointed shoes

Opt for Pointed flats and heels and avoid ankle straps and ballerina flats


10. Be Confident

November 7, 2016
Fall Makeup Look

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